January 25, 2011

things that make me smile - 1

1. a one week old baby who happens to be my baby brother!

Meet Zachary Arrow. Born January 14th, weighing 7.3, he is such a sweet little baby. <3

2. favorite movies that you could watch over and over and make you laugh, cry, and smile at the same time. (right now, that movie is toy story 3!)

3. staying up late to finish writing.

4. looking forward to my friend coming to visit on friday.

5. thinking of my 13th birthday, coming up on February 26th.

6. though I haven't blogged in a while, when the inspiration (and time) comes, you just go for it. :)

With love,

Abbie =D x0x0x


  1. Anonymous30.1.11

    What a cute little baby! You're very blessed to have a little sibling. I'm the youngest of 4 kids.

    Ashley (from Nancy Rue's blog)

  2. Oohhhh! He is so cuteee!!!!! And I love name Zach :)


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