February 6, 2011

Day 1 of the Birthday Bash!

Enough ramblings and randomness!! It's time for Abbie's 13th Birthday [Blog] Bash Bonanza!

I would've posted on Friday but I was stumped at what Abbie's 13th Birthday.... (okay, insanely long name!) would really be about. Should've thought of that earlier ;)


Without further ado,

True (but hopefully not surprising things) about Me.

~I love ice cream.
~I love ice cream.
~I love ice cream.
Moving on.....
~I love writing and hope to become a published author someday.
~Certain hobbies/pastimes of mine are: scrapbooking, taking pictures, reading, playing piano, baking, and, well, writing.
~I homeschool.
~I adore quotes.
~Math is not my best subject.
~I save all my birthday cards.
~I laugh alot.
~My favorite color is sea foam green.
~I love baking (and eating) cookies. All kinds of them.
~I want 8 kids when I grow up.
~ I cannot live without my old, beat-up 3rd generation iPod nano.
~I hope you're not bored by now... :)

Stay tuned for the next installment of....... Abbie's 13th Birthday [Blog] Bash Bonanza!!

With Love,

Abbie =D x0x0x


  1. Anonymous9.2.11

    I like cookies too!

  2. Happeh Birthday fellow Finnish friend!
    I'll see you on the 26th :D

    you need a button...

  3. OOps forgot to say this is Abby O :)


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