February 1, 2011

A Warm Welcome...


This morning I lay in bed, half awake, half asleep. And then I remember. My eyes pop open. FEBRUARY. I did the Great Calendar Page Change. (I love calendars. I have 3 in my room!) And, did 2 tests for school. Great way to start the month, eh? :)

Yesterday, I made Snickerdoodles. In case you've never had them, Snickerdoodles are cookies that are, in my opinion, delicious. Want to know where I got my recipe? (and most other good recipes?) Joy Of Baking.com. Check it out, and have fun baking because after you see the recipes on that site, you will go striaght to your kitchen. (And click here to see the Snickerdoodles recipe!)

Off to....well, enjoy the rest of my day! And stay tuned for the first post of Abbie's 13th Birthday [Blog] Bash Bonanza! (By the way, yesterday I was feeling quite a bit confident with titles. :))

With Love,

Abbie =D x0x0x0x

P.S. I could not STAND the just-plain look on my blog! Hope you like the new look!


  1. Anonymous4.2.11

    Happy birthday Abbie!

  2. love the new look... it's more inviting.. and the name "with love, abbie" is SO bloggish, if ya know what i mean. I think it's perfect;)


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