March 1, 2011

Spring Fever!!

Hey everyone! Thankyou for the birthday wishes!

I have a clear case of Spring Fever. It was about 2 degrees Celsius (that's about 25 degrees Fahrenheit) outside today. I watched the wind blow and the water drips from the roof. I cheered for spring. That's what inspired the new blog design. That's what inspired the jean jumper and pink tights that I wore today.I find myself wishing for green grass, sunny skies, new leaves, and dandelions - which, by the way, no matter what people say, are flowers. :)

Coming up next on the blog? A book review of the SummerHill Secrets Series by Beverly Lewis!

Yours till the rain drops,

Abbie =D xox

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  1. Well, I absolutely love the new background, Abbie -- it's cute as! Oh, Autumn has just arrived over here. Bring on my birthday!:P

    I love your quote over there, by the way. "Nobody can be uncheered by a balloon." Haha, so true!:)



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