April 6, 2011

Camera Love!

Meet my new camera!!!! =D

So, last February I dropped my camera and it broke. On Monday, my parents went shopping and came home with this beautiful orange camera!! It has 12.2 megapixels (that's 5 more megapixels than my old one), and did I mention it's orange?


But the story gets funnier..... on the same night my dad fixed my old camera. Thankfully, he is not making me return my new one. The old one will go to my brothers.
(If they don't mind the color... =P)

BlOg Ya LaTeR, ~Abbie =D x0x


  1. Awesome! Your parents rock! :) Can't wait to see all your pictures!

  2. Ooh, that's so cool! My camera's pinkypurple lolz. But I love yours!!!! It matches my new blog look :) It's weird having something that's not blue or purple or green or pink over at Girlz 4 God:P

  3. Hey, Abbie - I love your blog! :) I like taking pictures, too, but I dropped my camera, too, and now it has a big black spot on the screen. Oops. :p Anyway, just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your posts, especially the one w/ the list of top 10 stuff to do on March/Spring Break. I'll def try to do that stuff! God bless ya!!

  4. BTW, I just wanted to add that I wear glasses, too, I sing and (sort of) play the piano, and I'm homeschooled, and I have 3 brothers - not quite as much as you do. :) I just thought that was cool that we have a few things in common. :D I'm glad you got a new camera, BTW. :)


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