April 18, 2011

My New Dream Destination

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So, I have yet another Dream Destination to add to the list. You wanna know what it is?

Victoria Falls.

Located in Africa, between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

After watching the video, you'll see how awesome it is.

Watched it yet?

Pretty awesome, right? :)


  1. Wow! Yes, it's it's amazing! :)

  2. Hey Abbie! Definitely cool...it shows God's might & His beautiful artistry all at once! My aunt & grandparents have actually been there! My aunt was a missionary to Zimbabwe (when it was still called Rhodesia). She not only spread God's Word, but helped the natives learn nursing skills, as she was a nurse. She lived there for 2 years & my grandparents visited her there, too. My grandma used to have a metal firescreen with the image of Victoria Falls on it from her visit (I'm not sure who has it now)!

    I hope you (& me, too) get to visit these wonderous places!

    I've been to my travel dream: Scotland! I even waded in Loch Ness!


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