May 10, 2011


Although I am 13 years old, I still enjoy the childish art of finding shapes in the clouds. Only now, I also take pictures of them.

(See the biggish cloud almost right in the middle, a little to the right? If you look at it long enough, you can see a killer whale. At least, I could.)

And then there are the sunset clouds. Wisps of pink like cotton candy stretching across the almost-night sky.

And then there are the clouds that are so big and fluffy and white they look like they could be the dwelling place of God himself.

"Behind the clouds, the sun is shining. Believe me, even if you can't make it out. You may not see the silver lining, but there's a big blue sky wiatin' right behind the clouds."
(above is a line from a song but I don't know who it's by.)

With Love,

Abbie =D x0x0x


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