June 16, 2011

Fun Things to Do When You're Bored

Yesterday, I was feeling completely and utterly bored, so I went straight to Google. *Picture me leaning over the keyboard with a determined look on my face, carefully typing, "what to do when you're bored". The first list I found was (let's face it) kind of dumb. For example: Adopt strange mannerisms. Act like a spy for a whole day. Act like you just met your best friend. Ask questions no one can answer. Get the picture? So now picture me rolling my eyes, clicking "back" and typing, "fun things to do when you're bored". And so I found this list: 150 Things to do When You're Bored. It has some pretty awesome stuff, stuff I would actually do when I'm bored, and really creative ideas. So go ahead - check it out! (NOTE: I would not recommend any other lists on that site, only that one.) =D

With Love,

Abbie =D

P.S. Has anyone ever tried making Fried Marbles?


  1. Hey Abbie! I was hoping you could shoot me an e-mail- I wanted to chat with you about your abbiegracephotography.blogspot account. Go ahead and send it to abby@abbygracephotography.com. Thanks, girl!

    p.s. sweet name :) also, I love Jesus too!


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