June 14, 2011

Things That Are Makin' Me Happy

And on account of not posting in a week, there'll be a whole long list!

Okay... where do I start?

The world's cutest little brothers.

(I got 4 of 'em! =P)

My new eyeshadow palette.

Pigeon pictures.

Duck-chasing. (Those insanely cute little brothers of mine shrieked happily at their quacks and drove those ducks to the water as fast as their little webbed feet could carry them!)

(I will be happy when I finish) An Insane amount of math.

Wall-E. Especially this scene.

And Tangled. Especially this scene.

And at last I see the light... Er. Ahem. Moving on.

This breakfast parfait I made on Saturday morning. Yum. (Just made of layered yogurt, granola, and bananas.)

Pictures by the lake.

And more stuff that will hopefully be shared in a future post.

And one thing that's not making me very happy. Today, I kicked a soccer ball while wearing fli-flops and detached my big toenail from my skin. Ouch.

And so I shall leave you to soak up all the loveliness of the warm weather, the flowers, the bright sunshine - oh, whatever. See you next time!

With Love, Abbie =D x0x


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