June 3, 2011

What Happened?

What happened to the days when I was carefree?

I was thumbing through my old scrapbook the other day. When I was 7, I received some money and I went shopping with my mom. After carefully looking through the arts and crafts section at Wal-Mart, we selected the scrapbook above and a pack of 24 Crayola Mini-Twistables. Almost before we were even back in the car, I was writing my first page.

Those were the days when I stumbled over how to spell "vacation".

(Yes, it says "vocatoin".)

Writing about all my birthdays.

The days when I would be content reading Dr.Seuss Books all day long.

The days that I made up a whole bunch of clubs and asked my brother to join them.

(This one made me laugh. Yes, it says "Non-fictional club".)

Those simple days when I longed for a Polly Pocket Bubbletastic Lamp, a doll, a whole lot of art supplies.

Those days when I drew happy faces with 4 rows of teeth.

I remember when I taped all the Valentines given to me by my second-grade classmates to this page.

And the day I wrote down all the genres of movies that I planned to make with my brother. Presently, we have made 1.

(And yes, it says "duh".)

Today, I am quite aware of my blogger absence. I assure you that I'm not, uh, dead, and I'm not going to stop blogging. The last few weeks have been a wonderful mixture of busy things. Like going to see Switchfoot live and meeting Jon Foreman (the singer) at the end (gasp), trying to finish up school for the year, helping out with our annual church garage sale, and alot of other things.

So as I close off this post, I'm remembering the past, pondering the present, and anticipating the future.

With Love, Abbie =D


  1. Hey I think I see my name in that journal! :)

  2. Emma♥10.6.11

    Great post Abbie. I miss being a little kid and playing all ay long and not having a care in the world to:)


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