September 14, 2011

happy fall

It's truly fall outside as I happily don my new winter coat to warm my shoulders from the chill of the air. Leaves turn yellow, pumpkins turn orange as they ripen, and my cheeks turn pink in the cold. (Okay, it's not that cold yet. It sure sounded nice though. )

^love this one^

Today I spent the day in a hay field. Er, an overgrown baseball field. Would have been wonderful, except for the reason I was there most of the afternoon. You see, me and my brothers were flying a kite, and I was the runner. I had my camera in the pocket of my sweater at the time. After the first flight, I realized my camera was gone. It took a few seconds for it to sink in that I had just dropped my camera in a hayfield! Or dropped my needle in a haystack. ;) So I spent the afternoon combing the field for my camera. With the help of my grandparents and a few kind people from our town. My grandpa finally found it. It was so grateful for everyone who helped, and to God, because the whole time I prayed so hard that we would find. So there you go. A modern-day-miracle.

with love from one snap-happy girl,



  1. Abbie,
    You've been awarded the Lovely Blog Award on my blog.
    Go and check it out!


  2. <3 the pictures!

  3. I love the fall as well. Great pictures! Love the blog! It is nice to see someone your age that values God and writing.



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