September 28, 2011

On Making Crayons and Other Whimsy

(wow, 2 posts in a day? that's a first :)

Today me and my brother recycled old crayons. We made them into new ones.

Wanna make some too? They're really easy. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the entire process.


- Old, Broken Crayons (or new ones, if you don't have old ones)
- Tin Cans, one for each color you plan on making (I just used old soup cans)
- Wooden Skewers (one per can)
-Frying Pan
-Ice Cube Tray/Candy Molds (I used a star-shaped ice cube tray from Ikea)

1. Peel off all the crayon wrappers and sort the crayons by color.
2. Put the color groups of crayons into cans.
3. Put some water in the frying pan and put the cans into the water.
4. Heat the frying pan over medium-high heat. Stir the crayons as they melt. (NOTE: The water may boil, in this case, just remove it from the heat.)
5. Once the crayons are melted, pour the wax into the molds. Put in the freezer for about a half an hour or longer.
6. Pop them out of the tray and color!

They might break, but....

They sure do work!


  1. That is so, so SO cool! I am so trying that! My bro and sisters and I needed a little holiday fun. :D

  2. Oh my goodness! I would have never thought of this idea! This is fantastic!


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