September 17, 2011

Pinterest Dump

This post is going to be a mish-mash of.. well, pins. I wanted to do something more meaningful, but even though I have my camera back from that hayfield, I don't have the charger and my camear is dead. So until I find it, meaninglessness will have to prevail and I'll just share some of my most recent pins with you.

^don't you love the elbow patches?

^this just made me LOL

^super cute

^isn't that awesome?

^this made me laugh because we have a bunch of these Lego Star Wars guys around my house!

^thinking about fall...

^watched this movie yesterday... I love this part :)

^i'm hungry now...

^Dr. Seuss was HUGE part of my early childhood... :)

another thing that I should add to my project list....

all these pictures from my various pinboards on Pinterest.

ABBiE :)


  1. just noticed that the top picture is partly cut off.... sorry! :)

  2. I haven't actually seen the whole thing of Monsters Inc... but I've seen that part, and my family thought I was a tad weird for laughing. But seriously, I love it. :D

    I was thinking about that verse this morning. How I wish that it came with a list... but God's creation IS our list, isn't it? Look around. See what God made. That's lovely and pure and admirable and praisworthy.

  3. The picture with the nails is so nice. I might have to try that one! haha!
    Cheers :)


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