September 26, 2011

So you know what's coming out?

Vice Verses.

The Switchfoot album that I've been waiting for for months and months, possibly a year.

In 7 minutes I'll get to download it and listen to it for the first time.


Back in May me and my family went to a Switchfoot concert. It was one of the most amazing nights of my life! They played for us a new song called Restless. At that point, my head was kind of fuzzy from the loudness of the concert and the dizzy factor that came from standing in a crowd for 4 hours straight, but it was an awesome song. At the end of the concert, we waited outside by the tour bus. And Jon Foreman came out to meet us. It was incredible. I felt like I'd known him for years. He inspires me so much - not only as a songwriter and musician, but as a person. His view on life is so incredible. Every time I read an article by him I just am amazed at the wisdom and the power that they express. Switchfoot songs have always been there for me, whether I'm upset, sad, lonely, scared, excited, energized, or confused. It's kind of weird that connection that Switchfoot music has to my heart. But I love it.

Well, it's oficially September 27th. Vice Verses, here I come!!


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