October 3, 2011

In Which I Go For a Walk and Get my Cookie Fix

(like the post title? i got the idea from a.a. milne's winnie-the-pooh books, where every chapter starts with 'in which'. yeah, this one's going to be used alot.)

you know, I love how every month has its uniqueness. and there's a certain thing about october, that's really, really special. when the chill comes and the leaves fall and the grass frosts up in preparation for snow.

i went on a fall walk today. which basically means, yeah, I did the little girl thing and I ran around and kicked leaves. there's nothing like it.

i took a few pictures too, but there's always that argument of live in the moment vs. capture the moment. i think that in the life of a photographer, both get an equal amount of attention.

i pulled this little gem of a dress out of my closet today. it was given to me by a friend who hated it. um. what's not to love?

plus, i made snickerdoodles using this recipe. to me, they're a very fall/winter kind of cookie. so tonight, I'm ditching the tea and instead taking a couple snickerdoodles and a glass of milk. mmm. purely delightful.


  1. its good see people still enjoying the nature....
    it brings back to you the best of days.....

  2. nice, simple writing, abbie. :) i liked the way you used small letters in your whole post. very simple, very minimal.

    you're a good writer, and i enjoy reading your stuff. keep on!


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