October 8, 2011


tonight was the most beautiful october night I have ever lived to see. warm, with a cool breeze blowing, creating a perfect atmosphere. moonlight and starlight shine down on me as i stood one hundred yards or so away from my house, listening to "vice verses". thinking about how grateful i am for my beautiful, imperfect life.

i know that there's a meaning to it all...

my little brothers have a book called "how to catch a star" by oliver jeffers. it's so cute and i seriously have to say it's given me fantasies of tiny stars falling to earth and glittering in the sand.

a little resurrection every time i fall...

yeah, i mess up. alot. but god's got enough grace for me.

i got my vice verses....

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  1. Hey Abbie, I love your blog! I have subscribed immediatly hahaha

    i love how you love God(: today lots of people are forgetting Him... and think they'll live better this way. i also gotta say i liked so much this song u like called Vice Verses, thanks for talking about it!:)


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