October 29, 2011

on garlands

so, today I was faced with a dilemma. i needed to make new decorations for my room, but it's too early for christmas colors and i'm tired of the traditional fall red-yellow-orange (where i live, usually our glorious fall colors are gone by mid-to-late october.) so, i settled for a nice bright orange, icy blue, and mint green. i found to to be the perfect mix of warm and cool colors.

*squeal* don't you love it? (but I don't love the bad lighting or that picture! sorry.)

all i did was cut a big piece of string, cut out triangles using my paper cutter, glued them on the string with my papercraft glue. then i made a similar, smaller one to hang over it. and voila! a lovely decoration for my room.

abbie - xoxo

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  1. they're so cute! I love it. i think i'll have to do something like that, too. :D


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