October 7, 2011

Out Of Focus

Tonight, the horizon was dressed up in her Friday-night best - perfect pink and purple stripes. It was beautiful. My mother always told me that I taught her to stop and smell the roses. And I guess I've always been that kind of girl - my heart always full to the brim, and when that one last drop comes in, it's time for the overflow.

So what does that have to do with the above picture? Well, first of all, I love x & o's at the park. And second of all, I love this picture because it's out of focus. Kind of like my life right now. It's been a jumble of monotony and studying for tests. Can't blame a girl for being stuck doing school, of course, but - there's really been no focus on my life this week. Study here, wander around, read, twiddle thumbs, grab a tea, keep studying. Maybe it's just been an off week.

Later when the sun was set and the moon was high, we had to take a detour on a back road because of a small accident. I love back-road driving (actually, I shouldn't say that because my dad was the one driving on account of the fact that I'm only 13.) Especially at night, when the stars are out. And I blissfully close my eyes and let it get out of focus.

Maybe, on nights like tonight, I can learn from myself. Wait till my focus reappears, and while I wait, I'll just smell the roses.


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