October 26, 2011

why can't I decide what to write about?

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don't you hate when you have 3 post ideas and don't know which one to use?

so I'm going to use idea 3, with some idea 2 mixed in.

here it goes.

my minor Toy Story 3 obsession.

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when I heard there was a Toy Story 3 coming out, I knew I definitely had to see it. my only opportunity was while I was shopping with my mom, grandma, and baby brother, and we would be able to make it for the 10:50 PM showing. i seized that opportunity, and when I finally rolled into bed at 1:30 that night, i was so glad i had.

when my aunt gave it to us for christmas, i knew i couldn't watch it till i sat down and watched ALL of it. and that's what happened.

following christmas, i watched it alot. and i mean alot. and i cried every time. there was even one week where i watched it once every day, and twice on the wednesday. crazy, right? i loved it. and the week after that I found out i could quote the entire movie by memory. that was such a cool moment for me. (since then I've quoted Tangled and I bet I could quote Megamind if I tried hard enough.)

after my 13th birthday (February), my viewings of Toy Story 3 came few and far in between. but not because I was tired of it. life simply got busier. i couldn't even think of watching Toy Story 3. last sunday night i stayed up late to watch Toy Story 3. and i am so. so. so. glad I did. (before sunday, i hadn't watched Toy Story 3 since July 1st.)

i love Toy Story 3. i think it's one of the best movies ever made. but sometimes, i feel silly for liking Toy Story 3 so much. like when my friends laughed when i told them i cried when i watched it. i wondered, why doesn't anyone like it as much as i do? i kept feeling weird for being myself.

why do people do that, i wonder? we kick ourselves for doing what we love, because someone else doesn't like it. if nobody cared about others' opinions, the world would be a much happier place to be.

so, there was my Toy Story 3 post, ending with some philosophy i threw in there. remember the above picture, though.

strive to be yourself in the best way you know how.


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