November 28, 2011

everything feels rusted over.

-vice verses

today felt kind of, well, rusted over. math problems piled up and made me frustrated. i probably checked pinterest a good too many times. the snow is half-here, half-not here and i wish old man winter would hurry up and make a decision. but, there is a good part to every 'rusted' day.

like smiling brothers.

breathing the brisk outdoor air.

dreaming of my graduation party in june. i tend to start planning things early, so i will try to plan quietly in my head so i don't drive my family crazy.

planning to watch ratatouille in a little while with the aforementioned brothers.

planning an advent calendar for them with activities inside instead of treats.

reading the tanglewoods secret. (patricia st. john)

writing in my journals. (my latest list is called 'dilemmas of a girl like me'.) maybe i'll share a list sometime.

i suppose every day has good things in it. and although school piles up, my room is pretty messy, and there are lots of other things that beg to be done, they'll just have to wait. until after i've watched ratatouille and had a good night's sleep.

so, farewell until next time.



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