November 25, 2011

miscellaneous ramblings.

so, this is basically a collaboration of all the posts i've wanted to to do lately.

a. traveling.

i had a great time on my trip.

my suitcase. can't go anywhere without my tea.

b. journaling.

i've started three journals recently. book of lists, recipe book, movie quotes.

c. citrus.

i completed something off my imaginary bucket list on Tuesday. take photos of produce at the grocery store.

d. this amazing rusted fence.

i mean, gorgeous, right?

by the way, i have a funny story to tell. on our trip, we took the scenic route and my brother shouted, "look!" i turned just in time to see an old, brown, dilapidated mine shaft. ishouted, "it's gorgeous!" i couldn't stop to take pictures, but i hope i'll return someday.

you know you're a photographer when... ;)

e. oil painting.

i recently started oil painting again. and i love it. i love working with oil paints. i love the smell, the feel, the meticulous details. i'm making it a new years resolution to oil paint at least once a month.

f. books & rainbows.

no, this is not an effect. this is real! i was reading one day and noticed a rainbow reflection on my book. so i grabbed my camera :)

(book: Straight-A Teacher by Beverly Lewis (my favorite in the Holly's Heart Series)

g. movie soundtracks.

like the ones for these movies.

my favorite soundtrack form any pixar movie is probably a tie between up and toy story 3. seriously, the music for those movies is phenomenal. second place is a tie between monsters inc. and cars 2. third place goes to wall-e :)

h. black friday.

since i live in canada, it's definetly not as crazy as the states. this year, alot of canadian stores have started doing black friday sales. but since the nearest city to my town is 1 hour away, we didn't really get to shop. but, i am taking advantage of some etsy sales. and we got to go to aeropostale while on the trip, so bonus :)

until next time,


p.s. like the new look?
p.s.s. i updated the music player!

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  1. Anonymous27.11.11

    i like the new look! hehehe thats a cool car!!!! i allmost bought some of the Holly's heart books at the convention this year but they dident have the first one so i dient. oh weel i will have to see if the libray has them!



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