November 1, 2011

oh dear, it's november.

truly, it is november. i've changed all the five calendars in the house (three of which are in my room) and for once it has to be a sunny day when all i want is snow. although, i'll admit it, it makes my room feel brighter.

i'm finishing last night's candy and i just can't believe they shrunk the Tootsie Rolls down to the size of a little piece of gum. as i type i have an orange tootsie pop in my mouth and i'm laughing at my reflection in the mirror because i look just that much more menacing with a lolly stick in my mouth. (by the way, we didn't trick-or-treat. we were over at a friend's house for the evening and we all got candy. yum.)

since canadian thanksgiving has passed, the only holiday on my mind is christmas. only 55 days till the big 25 and i'm gonna make the most of it. and i started today by buying some pretty christmas headbands on etsy. pictures soon? :)

since I myself haven't taken any pictures recently, i'll substitute some pins.

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^ love these! {via}

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^ cuteness! {via}

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