November 30, 2011

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesdays


it's that time again!

to start off...

some disney pixar loveliness for you all.


"I have just met you, and I love you."

it's so sad, yet sweet at the same time.

don't you love this ornament? i might try to make some :)

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love this.

slow down.

haha! i've done this with my brother :)

yarn & brown paper wrapping.

i love this idea!

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this is perfect.

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Source: via Abbie on Pinterest

i just HAD to share this! pretty amazing :)

aren't these so pretty? i would make a bunch :)

take an old thrift store painting, tape out a message, and paint over with a solid color. oh the brilliant things i find on pinterest!!

LOL, this is hilarious! What I wish I could say to all my math problems on daily basis.


oh, i do so ever love this.

i love this idea for a save-the-date!

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aren't those too cute!?

oh yes.

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truth of the matter.

this is random, but i think it's kind of *awesome*.

isn't this such a great idea? i bet it would smell good, too!

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i love the combination of the silver letters & the feather boa backdrop!

peanut butter cookie dough brownies. we made them, and they'r soo good!!

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this dress is just gorgeous!!

i really want to make this!!

this is also pretty hilarious. :)

*click click*

okay, that's 32 pins. i guess i should stop now.



  1. Too cute...i enjoyed readin this post:)

  2. Oh my gosh, that Save the Date is SO cute! I have the best wedding planned on Pinterest, too bad I don't have a boyfriend, right? haha Cute blog! Hope you'll visit mine!
    -Frances at GrownUpLand

  3. Hi Abbie!I'm a 15 year old girl for Barcelona and I just love your blog, I think it's amazing. I've found a quite similar page to pinterest ( I think you might like and it could give you some new ideas.
    P.S.: Sorry if there are any English mistakes, I'm trying to improve it :$


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