November 27, 2011

a post dedicated to my new dream.

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest

1960s type 2 volkswagen bus.

Source: via Hayley on Pinterest

i am seriously excited. you know, i used to want a volkswagen beetle. scrap that, now i want the whole bus. i mean, they are absolutely gorgeous. well, i've never seen one in person, but from the pictures i found online, well.... i totally want one.


p.s. special thanks to hayley. she made me want a volkswagen bus. :)


  1. That looks like philmore from "cars"! How cool!

  2. Anonymous27.11.11

    I had the same dream when I was your age. They are, indeed, very cool. :)

  3. Aren't they just the cutest!? :) I am in love too and it would be a dream to actually get one. You saving up too?

    p.s Thanks for linking me! :)

  4. Oh I've seen one of these before! They're so nice and ... vintage I guess haha!


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