December 13, 2011

but, dear me, let us be elegant or die!

I fell in love with this line from Little Women. My aunt gave me a big, beautiful copy that she bought at a thrift store. I'll have lots of reading to do over my Christmas holidays. I decided to break early, so starting tomorrow, I'm a free girl. (oh the joys of homeschooling!)

I'm up to chapter 4 in Little Women. Reading about Jo and Meg going to the New Year's Party, Meg with burnt hair and Jo with a burnt frock, both of them with soiled gloves. It made me laugh, and want to wear an old fancy dress and a cameo necklace.

Last night something happened. I used to laugh and say "It happens to every blogger", but I didn't realize it would hit me so seriously.

The truth is, I spend too much time on the internet. Last night I was journaling.... and here's some of what I wrote.

"...It happens every day. I'm always checking Facebook, Blogger, Pinterest, Gmail.... and I'm ashamed. Do I need to be online that much?... No. So why do I?"

(note: the above has been slighty altered from what I originally wrote.)

Chirstmas is coming upon us very soon, and I'm extremely excited. There are presents to wrap, cards to make, letters to mail, puzzles to do, tea & hot chocolate to be drank, Christmas music that begs to be heard and sung. I'm not going to miss it.

with love,



  1. Anonymous16.12.11

    Merry christmas:) nice blog:)

  2. Nice blog and post! I know, I used to spend sooo much time online, but now I can not go on for days at a time and I don't even go into withdrawa. ;) okay, maybe it wasn't that drastic, but it's still something alot of people struggle with.

    god bless!

  3. Hey I really like reading your blog so I've nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! Check out the post on my blog if you want:


  4. haha, Bethany, same here! i would be shocked to meet my old self. ;)

    abbie, i love it -- "i decided to break early." what a life!:D


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