December 7, 2011

christmasy things

well, hello there.

i apologize for my absence here on the blog, but i've been out and about doing some totally fun things. like yesterday, we were at my grandmother's house making gingerbread cookies all afternoon.

they are seriously the most amazing gingerbread cookies i've ever had. they bring back memories of my childhood. we lived about 10 hours away instead of just down the road like we are now. but whenever we would go to visit, she would always have a special baked treat for us. we made tons of cookies, and we made a custom gingerbread house design that we're going to assemble very soon.

i love visiting my grandmother's house. it brings me back to the days that are long past, but will never be forgotten.

right now, the winter wind is speaking. inviting anyone who wishes to come for a walk while the snow falls.

and that is something i wouldn't miss for the world.



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  2. Anonymous10.12.11

    Hi Abbie! I also like photography and is what my blog is all about =D and those cookies look really delicious 0.0

    this is such a nostalgic but warm story.


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