December 23, 2011

an early christmas

so. my last post was about not being on the computer so much. i've neglected my poor, precious blog for over a week. no, i haven't been completely off the computer for that long, but before today it was a good two days of no computer.

that's probably because at my house, it's christmas. literally. my dad is working from today till the 27th... no fun. which is why we moved our traditional christmas eve celebrations up a bit, to the winter solstice (thanks Megan!)

it has been such a lovely day. the morning started with stockings. i felt like a little girl again for the suspense of it all, pulling surprises out of my sock one after the other. i have to admit that I'm still in my pajamas (tradition for us. one of my grandparents' gifts to us is always new pajamas.)

so, without further ado, i present my christmas gifts.

note: i hope it doesn't sound like i'm bragging about my stuff on main reason for posting these is out of gratitude and to have somene to share it with. :)

i've already drank 2 cups of tea from my new Perfect Mug from David's Tea!

and my new Pixar Daily Calendar!! so thrilled about it!! can't wait for this year.

Holly's Heart, Volume 3. Which I started last night and finished around lunch. (funny thing is, last night i could NOT sleep until 3:30 am. i tried everything... reading, writing, music... but I just was not tired. so I read half this book before i went to sleep (finally!)

fingerless gloves made by my awesome grandmother!

my stocking stuffers. which including Smencils, a manicure kit, an idea book (literally), chocolate covered pretzels and seashell chocolates (<< literally best chocolates ever), gum, and...more chocolate.

my giant book on Paris!!!! I looooove it :)

my new slippers :) (sorry... better picture in order :)

cutlery... for my hope chest. i love it!!

and my main gift.... a new duvet cover and big green comfy pillow from my amazing parents. (feel free to love the tree in the corner.)

well, dinner is calling and I must go. I promise some more christmas-y posts soon!




  1. Oooohhh I love the Holly's Heart books! Haha, when I can't sleep I just listen to music and that usually works. I haven't tried reading in a while.. mostly because the light would probably wake up my sister, but you know.

    Awesome presents! And Merry Christmas, Abbie!!:D

  2. I really like the gloves and they look so cosey despite being fingerless! Your gran has some serious skill! :)xo

  3. Christmas Blessings, Abbie!

    I just stumbled upon your blog, and wanted to tell you I like it.

    I'm a grownup, a writer too, and an English teacher.

    Keep writing!

    Anne Higgins


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