December 12, 2011

a little bit of monday love

i had such a lovely weekend. and here all the reasons why.

a. thursday. i spent almost the whole day doing crafts. it was wonderful. and my aunt had our annual sleepover-and-christmas-shopping weekend. i did almost all my christmas shopping and some fun shopping too. like wrapping paper, tea, christmas earrings, pens...

c. this might sound ridiculous to some, but... on Saturday I watched Beauty and the Beast - for the first time, I'm pretty sure. and i loved it! :)

d. when i was with my aunt we went to see the orchestra. it was amazing! i loved it!

e. today we are going to my grandmother's house to help her decorate her christmas tree. i'm definitely looking forward to it.

f. here's a bit of blog love... some of this weekend's favorites. please take the time to pop over to these blogs! i know they would be happy to see you! :)

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  1. Anonymous12.12.11

    Beauty And The Beast is my all time favourite Disney movie!!! :)

  2. Anonymous12.12.11

    I was older than you when it came out and I swear I have seen it more thatn a hundred times. It is definitely a classic! Not one to miss!


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