December 3, 2011

this christmas.

this morning i had a post all laid out, but sometimes you just have scrap the whole idea and start over.

these past two days have been busy. thursday held shopping for christmas craft supplies. yesterday was the christmas parade and the youth christmas party. (you'll see a picture of our float below.) i'm hoping that the rest of my holiday season is a bit more laid back.

you know, i've been thinking. lately, i've become lost in the monotony of everyday life. i've lost motivation for school work. i'm tired of the outside greys and brown. daily life takes everything out of me. it takes all of me just to keep going. i feel like i can't keep going like this.

what i've been learning is that life isn't just about dreams. we need to be content with the here & now! sure, things like dreams, wanderlust, aspirations & goals are all things we can't live without, but we need to find joy in the present, and be open to the future.

i think that this christmas, i can learn that.

the float

another year has nearly passed us by, and christmas is upon us once again. it's the perfect thing to instill a change in our hearts.



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