December 30, 2011

this moment

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest

(my photos won't upload to my computer... pinterest to the rescue!)

i love road trips. packing bags... one for clothes, and one to bring in the car full of things to entertain yourself. waking up before the sun and piling into the van. and those moments... when you're so tired of sitting that you want to scream, when 3 out of 8 in the family have gotten carsick, fast food packaging littering the vehicle... is when you start to see what I call the beautiful mess. like on christmas morning... a sea of wrapping paper, ribbons, toy packaging... and smiling children and a feeling of joy, and somehow, peace.

i'm in the very backseat of the van with my little brother aged 2. i've just finished watching Dolphin Tale and I close my laptop with satisfaction. i take out my camera and try to take some pictures of the road. staring back at me is the world in her freshest white dress laden with glitter and ice. i catch my breath. i lower my camera. this was something i had to see with my own eyes.

i take out a journal and a pen. and i start a list titled this moment.

snow-laced branches
blue skies and clouds

my mother passes me a surprise from the front seat. i savor it.

cookies n' cream white chocolate

my little brother wants some, too. i break off a piece for him.

staticky blonde hair
sunny & snowing
watching movies

i remember my earlier thought from this morning. how gracious and kind the Lord was to give us the gift of music.

car windows that frost and refrost

i sip tea from my new travel mug. it's finally cooled down enough to drink (after 5 hours!)

(really) hot tea
my little brother
pillowcases that serve as blankets
baby babbling
perfectly messy buns

and you can't have a road trip without a little bit of disagreement.

comforting children
quoting buzz lightyear while breaking up fights: "you can't hit eachother, that's my job." (just kidding, of course.)

before I know it, we've almost at our destination.

city lights
reading to my little brother
always (my favorite Switchfoot song EVER)

my heart fills as we come to a stop in my grandparents' driveway. all of us kids are so eager to get into the house. i unbuckle my little brother's seatbelt. we run out of the van and burst into the house. greeted my grandmother, uncle, aunt and cousin.... there is no feeling like being with family.

i will remember this moment.

abbie - xoxo


  1. so beautiful and i so get it. roadtrips, the whole before-the-sun-comes-up, a bag of stuff for the car, a book, my iPod, my squabbling siblings and my mum and dad... yes, got to love those times.

  2. Anonymous31.12.11

    Love this! Road trips really are the best. did you take that picture???

  3. @ Jamie.... nope I didn't take that picture! I wish :) My pictures weren't uploading right so I grabbed one from Pinterest.


  4. winters the best! love the picture!


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