January 4, 2012

i'm back.

Home. Inhale, exhale. We made it. It's dark outside, the half moon is high, and the bitter cold threatens to freeze my no-coat self. (Only a Canadian can withstand it.) Stiff and groggy I stumble into the house. It looks the same, smells the same. I was away. But nothing changed. Well, except my Christmas tree. It was completely dead, and that corner of my room was a sea of fallen pine needles.

I wake up, and the first thing I though was, "I slept soo well!" Guess you feel like that when you sleep in your own bed after being away. I nearly cried out with joy when I turned the page on my Pixar calendar and saw this picture (without the words, of course):

My room is in serious need of cleaning and redecorating. I had a lot of ideas, but for some reason I never got to that today. The reason?

1500 pages of the Holly's Heart series.

(Well, I didn't read all 3 volumes. Not yet. But I probably will have by the time I hit the pillow tonight.)

I totally love this series! The only thing is...

(WARNING: Spoiler ahead. If you've read the books, don't plan on reading them, or are just too curious, you may read the next two sentences after this. But what's point of writing this warning, right? I know most of you will read it anyways.)

So where were we....? Oh, yes. The only thing is.....

I really though that Jared was a better choice for Holly than Sean Hamilton. (It's been weighing on me for a while.)

Sounds strange, but it's true. So I'm trying to speed-read the entire series.

I guess this is me, signing off. I realize that after the first two paragraphs, this post made no sense. But I can't make much sense when reading is calling me.

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with, um..... a more.... substantial post.



  1. ooh i love the holly's heart books! just to say. :)

  2. Now that's a proper spoiler alert.


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