January 13, 2012

le happy

Source: listal.com via Abbie on Pinterest

the lord of the rings trilogy
a snow day
DIY necklaces
planning to read the LOTR books
baked oatmeal
earrings from etsy
tons of snow
my brother's birthday tomorrow
finding 20$ in your old jeans
being a part of something
twenty-four {the song}
life's happy mystery
toy story 3
finishing your schoolwork awesomely fast
phone chats with friends


abbie /// xoxoxox

p.s. pinterest dump post coming soon. and maybe a DIY? :)

1 comment:

  1. the lord of the rings trilogy, switchfoot, a snow day, DIY necklaces, pixar, book-plotting, singing, tons of snow, tea, music, finding 20$ in your old jeans, being a part of something, toy story 3, finishing your schoolwork awesomely fast.
    but especially the one about finding $20. because if that was me i'd be jumping up and down all over the place and screaming. seriously.
    thanks for linking up! :))
    -jocee <3


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