January 26, 2012

on birthdays & other things

As of today, my 14th birthday is one month. (It's also my aunt's birthday. So I don't know if she'll read this, but if she is, then a very happy birthday from me & my little blog. :)

And usually, by New Years', I always knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday party. But this year I have no. idea. what I want to do.

It's quite possible that I am going to get a FABULOUS birthday gift that I may or may not know about. (teehee!)

For once I don't have much to say. I should probably sign off soon so I can get back to reading Return of the King. (Do you think I've been obsessing over Lord of the Rings too much lately? I can't help it, because it's SO. AWESOME. But my friends did not really care when I gushed about LOTR to them.)

But before I do, I wanted to say thank you SO. MUCH. For all your sweet comments. Seriously each one of them makes my day. And when I started this blog three and a half years ago, I did not envision 157 followers. So thank you, thank you.


Abbie /// XOXOX

P.S. Tomorrow I'll come back. With something more than this. :)

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  1. i just discovered your little blog, and its adorable (:
    keep it up!
    ~ lotus


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