January 1, 2012

on new year's day

Before I start this, I hate posts without photos.

That does not quite agree with my SD card that still won't upload.

It's New Year's Day. It's 2012. This post is the first post on my 2012 blog archive. 91 posts in 2011. 1 post so far in 2012.

Last night was spent with family. We played Apples to Apples. I played with my cousin. We did the famous countdown. "....10....9...8....7....6....5....4.....3....2....1...." There were hugs. There were "Happy New Year"s. But..... to tell the truth I was scared. It's never happened before..... but 365 days were scaring me silly. So.... I went to God. He's bigger than 365 days. He's bigger than anything.... and I know that! The key point is to remember it.

So...it's started. My daily Pixar calendar is open to day 1. I'm with my family. I visited my aunt's house. Saw a movie. Played games. I've already got plans for the coming weeks. They involve friends.... Beauty & the Beast in 3D (hopefully).

Thanks for being with me....joining me on my journey in life. 2012, here I come!

abbie - xoxoxox

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  1. happy new year, abbie! the other day -- okay, a couple of weeks ago -- i was struck by the sudden thought; God is bigger than time.


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