January 16, 2012

some journal excerpts.

I love to journal. I may not be the most consistent writer - I may sometimes go weeks without writing. But it's a really fabulous feeling to have your thoughts on paper. So I thought I might share some excerpts from my journal writing. Enjoy :)

January 3rd /// 2012

Me and long car-trips have a love-hate relationship. Sometimes all the sitting and car-sickness and child-crying makes me want to scream. But they teach me things. They help me see a beautiful mess. I discover.

.... Oh, and you know you've got skills when you can go right back and forth from singing along to Switchfoot on you iPod to saying Toy Story 3 while it's playing.

January 9th /// 2012

The Lord of the Rings sure is stressful. I mean, the movies are amazing... but I'm dying to know what happens next!

January 11th /// 2012

Tonight we finished the Lord of the Rings. And I never new how amazing it would be... how much I would get sucked into the story.

... And I think, "Will I sleep tonight? If I do, will it be a good sleep?" Yet the thought thrills me. It drives me.

January 12th /// 2012

I don't know what it is about me... it's like I'm both an early bird and a night owl. I like to be up early and get a fresh start to my day. But I also function really well at night. I mean, after I get my second wind (around 9 o'clock-ish), I'm full of energy.

January 13th /// 2012

It's funny how I'm often the last in the house to turn off my light. I think I just enjoy the stillness and quiet of being the only one up... I can really let my thoughts out.

January 16 /// 2012 (today)

I'm stuck studying for a history quiz when all I want to do is read. Or play music. Or dream about Middle Earth. Or something else Lord of the Rings-related. Anything but this.

(Okay, so you can pretty much tell what I write about. That's only the past two weeks, though. And just so you don't worry, my sleep schedule isn't all that bad. I'm trying to remedy it... but lately it's been midnight-to-one o'clock-ish lights out and eight-thirty to nine-ish waking up.)

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's getting a little late.


Abbie /// XOXOXO

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  1. it's just as bad over here -- midnight every night. tragic, but hey sleep ins are the best.:D
    okay you're really making me want to watch lord of the rings again .iheartitsomuch just to say:)


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