January 18, 2012

where many paths and errands meet

I didn't start my school until about 12:30 today, but it was good just the same because I only had a science quiz. And I studied for it... but there were a few questions I wasn't quite sure about. I finished the quiz and thought, "I'm gonna flunk. I'm gonna flunk. I'm gonna fail. See, I failed..." and found out I got 100%.

My morning consisted of many lovely things. I spent one hour reading The Fellowship of the Ring. Had bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast. Helped my older brother with a biology experiment, which meant him flipping a coin constantly for 20 minutes and saying, "Heads. Tails. Tails. Tails. Heads. Heads. Tails....." and me ticking off "heads" or "tails" on a paper.

I can't complain about the rest of the day, either.

I made double chocolate cookies. Felt ambitious and decided to make supper, too. Learned how to play On Fire on the piano.

Why yes, that is a bandage on my finger. I burned myself on the cookie pan.

Watched this video several times. Because it's hilarious. You'll love it.

My eyelids grow heavy, but it's only 8:43. Just as well, I suppose. Goodnight, lovelies :)

Abbie /// XOXOX

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  1. hah, that heads or tails coin toss has always been my favourite maths question-thing. and i'm in year ten. yeah, what can i say, maths isn't my favourite subject.;)


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