January 22, 2012

a wonderful sunday

The winter wind howls mercilessly outside. But in my house I am warm & cozy as a hibernating bear, if he is warm at all. I've never asked one personally.

Today was spent joyfully. I spent much time reading The Two Towers (more on that in a future post). I played chess with my older brother (and lost both times). We laughed. I cuddled with my nest-to-littlest brother of two years. And when I craved something sweet, peanut butter cookies were the answer.

The taste of raw cookie dough lingers on my tongue. I roll it into little balls and flatten them with a fork, making a careful criss-cross pattern. Next comes sprinkling the sugar on top.

At the same time I am enjoying frozen blueberries. They are very plentiful in the summer where I live, so we pick lots and freeze them to eat in winter. And I think about the simplest joys in life. They come in cookies. Blueberries. Warm sweaters. Late-night reading. The look on your little brothers face before he gives you a hug. That moment when your four-year old brother comes up to you and says, "Can I have another cookie? Because they're SO good!" They come in listening to piano music, which has been one of my favorite kinds since I was just a little girl.

The weekend has almost come to a close. And with the close of the weekend comes the start of a new week. Filled with new challenges. New hopes. New tears. New dreams that I'll probably forget as soon as I wake up. But the thought is so beautiful.

I'm looking forward to this week.

abbie /// xoxoxox

p.s. for the record, I'd probably prefer to have a thousand dreams a night and forget them all then to never dream.


  1. Abbie,
    I think your blog is really cute :)
    P.S I used to read it YEARS ago. I found it through Nancy Rue. Anyways just thought I would let you know.

  2. gorgeous photos. and your PS, did you make it up? because they're the most beautiful words.

  3. Nice pics! I love this post, its very beautifully written!

    xoxo, Check out my blog and please follow, ill be sure to return the favor!


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