February 28, 2012

a belated birthday post

Yes, I know. It's been two days since my birthday and I haven't posted about it. But I've been so sick. Yesterday I only turned my computer on for 10 minutes. Not enough time to post, you see.

All these pictures are from Saturday, the day of my party. On Sunday, my actual birthday, I felt so sick I had to miss church, and I was even supposed to sing. So I spent the day hanging out. Got a few phone calls and facebook messages. I finished reading Replication (it was very good). I watched the first half of Return of the King. I would've watched the rest, but the first half is 2 hours and 7 minutes and I ended up going to bed pretty early. (I seriously cannot BELIEVE they said Pippin saw the White Tree in the Palantir. Because according to the book, he did not. It's a good movie, though, anyway.)

So here are some pictures! I didn't take all of them, but they were on my camera, so I get to post them here. Hope you enjoy :)

my mom is incredible. she made these delicious sticky buns for me on saturday morning!

my mom did this, too. please ignore the dentist appointment reminder in the top left. 

we rimmed our own ice cream cones! they were so yummy. 

please excuse the overly exited look on my face.

sorry for the bad lighting... :( cupcakes, cones, and punch!


ooh, presents!

this little guy was sick, well, I was too, but yeah. 

i know, it's out of focus. but i love it anyways. 

basically the candles kept burning and I yelled to my friend, "give me the camera!!" i got a good picture. 

do i look weird? i love the candles, though...

ice cream!

me and Luuki 

me and the little bros, matti and luuki. 

 my dad thought he was pretty cool when he gave me 1,008 toy story 3 stickers. (he is pretty cool, really.)

guess he thought he should continue in coolness and get me toy story figurines. 

yay for handmade cards!

what's inside?... 

this amazing blanket my grandmother made me!! 

this is a funny picture. 

(more rimmed cones) 

 it's been my best friends these past two days.

no, this isn't me. it's my awesome friend. someday it'll be me, though. i'm so lame i didn't want to play because i had just painted my nails. i know, lame-o. 

i made them  we wanted to play monopoly deal because i was bored. and feeling sick. 

these amazing diy jar candles we found though pinterest! they were gorgeous. 

sick buddy. 

more decorations!

And there you go! That was my day. (Although, I still can't believe I didn't remember to take a picture of the table! Silly me :) Now I'm 14. I think I write about what that feels like later. I don't quite know yet.

And, because I'm still sick, I should probably go to bed. Night, y'all.

abbie /// xoxoxox

p.s. thanks for all the birthday wishes! you make me feel special.



  1. Anonymous29.2.12

    Wow...too bad you were sick but it still looks like you were shown how loved and appreciated you are...O K After all...you are the little princess of the house...aren't you??? Glad your birthday was still a hit and that you enjoyed the spoiling!!! DD

  2. Awesome pictures! And I'm glad you had a good day, despite being sick. Also, your little brothers are super cute. And Toy Story 3 is an amazing movie.
    Hannah <3


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