February 8, 2012

books & brothers (& the moon)

I can't tell you how much I love the night sky. Last night was the full moon and when I saw it I caught my breath. And I ran outside, armed with Canon and my zoom lens to capture. Orion the great hunter watched me gently as I snapped pictures of the moon.

Last night (a few good hours after my moonlit photo session) , I packed my camera away into its case with tender-lovin' care. But a few minutes later, as I was getting ready to read, I just had to take it out again.

Lately I've tried hard to make reading a part of my evening routine. Although sometimes it's 11:30 when I finally sit down, reading is such a wonderful thing and a great way to wind down in the evening.

Whenever I open a book, I get this feeling of sheer joy. I love the smell of them, especially old ones. And if they're library books? I imagine all the other people who have enjoyed this book before me. I love it when the books are old enough to have cards in them, and there's all kinds of different signatures from people.  (The LOTR books I have from the library have this certain smell... and it's pretty wonderful.) 

I feel pity for the person that doesn't read. I've always believed that reading enriches people. It fills your soul with wonder and happiness. Really, the feeling that I sometimes get while reading is pretty hard to describe with words. It's like an incredibly joyful & peaceful sense.

" A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. A man who never reads lives only one."

- George R. R. Martin

But the best thing about reading can be found in the words of Samwise Gamgee - " Don't the great tales never end?"

And here's some pictures of Efraim. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful (and adorable) brothers.

Today I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I love my life so very much. I have an amazing family (and, a pretty sweet camera.)

abbie /// xoxox

p.s. hopefully, a new vlog soon!


  1. we had a full moon too!:O it was so very bright and big and beautiful. i do not understand the moon. but i like mysteries. :)

  2. These pictures are great! The ones of the books are my favorites!


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