February 5, 2012

buckets of inspiration

it's sunday evening and I am already mourning the loss of the weekend. on friday we went to visit some new friends who have a farm with horses and sheep and alpacas and a bunny (hence the last post). on saturday I watched Up with Efraim and made some oatmeal-raisin cookies (all of which have been consumed). today I soaked up the last weekend minutes - I read (Lord of the Rings and Now We Are Six), listened to music, and had a quick visit with my friends in the evening which was quite lovely. i've been thinking of starting a collaborative blog, especially after the launch of an ordinary utopia. (yes, I know people usually keep things like this a secret. but I don't really know how - or really, I don't know who.) thoughts?

so before I go to bed tonight, I felt in the mood to post a bit of my most recent pins -coughcough - er, inspiration.

xoxo to you, and a very happy evening/morning/afternoon/wherever this post finds you!

abbie /// xoxox


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