February 12, 2012

fourteen little things {about me}

hey, I called this post "fourteen little things" because I had, well, fourteen little things to share. but now I realize how fitting that is, considering I'll be fourteen years old in - HA! fourteen days!

1. I took no pictures today. (shocker!)
2. I can't stand to sleep with my hair tied up. (Or while wearing socks.)
3. I'll just be in the middle of a conversation, and I'll go to say something, and then I'll switch to a movie quote. And I'll laugh and say, "so yeah, anyways..." while imaginary crickets go off in my head.
4. If there's something that needs to get done (by me) before bed, I won't go to bed until it's done. Even if it's 1:00 AM  really late.
5. When there's something I love, I'm always really passionate about it. (examples, Pixar, Lord of the Rings... like you readers haven't noticed this one.)
6. I always read with my glasses off and my right eye closed.
7. Since the day I got them, I've always loved looking over the tops of my glasses dramatically.
8. The worst birthday of my life was my fifth, on account of the throwing-up flu I had (I couldn't even eat my birthday cake with gummy bears), and on account of the fact that my older brother sucked all the air out of my birthday balloons from my daycare. :(
9. I'm constantly humming the soundtracks from either Toy Story 3, Up, or Tangled.
10. Even if it's midnight, I pick up my book and read for an hour. *coughcoughlastnightcoughcough*
11. I've spent hours on Pinterest searching for Lord of the Rings pins. (I never knew there were so many!)
12. When I think of a song I instantly start singing it. (Woah, I just did this!!)
13. I can't stand it when my dad flips channels on the TV. (Seriously, what is it with guys and flipping channels? I feel like yelling, "Just choose one thing and watch it!")
14. I can never keep track of my hairbrush. (This is true. I had it just last night and this morning it vanished.)

And, just so that this post is not completely photo-less, I'll graciously include these two pins (mostly to clear my own conscience.)

lyrics from the best switchfoot song ever

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this.

have a wonderful evening, lovelies!

abbie /// xoxox 

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  1. #4 - I can TOTALLY relate.
    #13 - Yes! David does this too! With the tv and the radio! Just pick something! AHHHH!! :)
    #14 - Oh where is my hairbrush? Oh where is my hairbrush? Oh where oh where oh where oh where oh wheeeerrrreeeee is my hairbrush? The peach enters the scene. Shocked and slightly embarrassed at the sight of Larry in a towel... ok, I'll stop now. :)


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