February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day

Valentine's Day is pretty much over. And I'm not even kidding - this was on my Pixar calendar today.

I was going to wear this outfit, but neither the sweater nor the jeans were clean. So I concocted this outfit, and when my grandmother brought me some new socks, I threw them in too.

socks // unknown // earrings // along for the ride // all other pieces from old navy

I know that alot of teen girls don't like Valentine's Day. Because it reminds them that they're alone. I've always sort of liked Valentine's Day. I guess that's because at my age (13-going-on-14), relationships are a big joke. I mean, I've thought about the day when that one guy will come for me. I've felt pain, I've even felt like no one could ever love me.

our "trading post". I am becoming very skilled at writing in angerthas.

But you know what? There is someone who loves me. He made me. He made you. He loved me so much that he died for me. And He still loves me. I have to remember that everyday.

I have to be confident that someday my time will come. But for now His love is enough for me.

(We only bought the candy hearts for photography purposes. They're not that yummy. But I sure do love the pictures I got.)

So do me a favor. Go eat some red velvet cake. Listen to Married Life. Watch Tangled. And know that someday, the right guy will come for you. That's what I'll be doing.

Goodnight, lovelies!

abbie /// xoxoxox


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