February 1, 2012

heralding february



a person or thing that proclaims or announces

It's finally February. And I'm heralding the month. 

I love February. Do you know why? Because it's unique. It's the shortest month of the year. (And this year is the Leap Year, haha!) It adds cheerfulness to the bleak winter days. Plus, it's got Valentine's Day and my birthday.

(top left to right: candles (for my birthday!), OPI nail polish, some heart-saying candies, red heart-doily, a birthday card, more OPI, a Valentine card, an "A" button, red sparkly heart, dried rose from my 13th birthday.)

Today I followed a tradition. I've saved all my birthday cards since I was six. And I took them all out and read them again.

I read the beautiful words from family. Friends. I read the cards that I got when I was seven and I thought I was so grown-up. I read the cards that I got when I was eleven and I was aware of my family that loved me so much. I read that card that was unsigned and to this day I don't know who sent it to me. And I'm brought back to the moment when I first read those cards. The memories that come with them. And I feel loved.

my 'souvenirs'

What are your souvenirs? What makes you remember that you are loved?

abbie /// xoxox

Bring on the PS's....

1. I realize that I have been posting way too many pictures that I took in my room. My backdrop-inspiration lacks.

2. Check out the new music on my player. I'm in love with Jon Foreman's EP songs, especially Your Love is Strong and House of God Forever.

3. I'm hoping to do a vlog soon!

4. Anyone wanna sponsor my giveaway? See the sidebar for details :)


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