February 18, 2012

let me be free

{a poem by me}

I may be 14, but I'm not always as STRONG as you might THINK -

I get carried down by BURDENS so hard to bear - 

So many responsiblities are LAIN upon MY SHOULDERS///

So just let me BREATHE

Let me be FREE -

Free as I was MEANT TO BE -

Let me be FREE

Free as I need to be.

abbie /// xoxox

{postscript: I want to learn to play guitar. Thankfully my brother & my dad both know how - instant free lessons!}

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  1. Thanks so much for following my blog, too! Yes, Lord of the Rings is the best thing ever! I've read the books so many times I've lost count. But I'm still impressed that you read them all in 10 days. That's so awesome.

    And Sam IS totally amazing. He's my second favorite, but Aragorn has always been my favorite. He's just so perfect... :)

    And I loved reading your post on blogging. Because that's exactly how I feel on the subject. :)

    Have fun filling up that chalkboard!!! ;)

    Hannah <3


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