February 2, 2012

my first vlog!

what do think of my first vlog?

notes and clarifications:

after watching this video I realize that I say "awesome" and "so" a lot.

by the way, that's 315 days until The Hobbit, not 350 :)

sorry for the huge gap at "4". but it was pretty funny, wasn't it?

when I said sam was "inspriring, like me", I actually meant to say, "he's inspriring. he's kind of like me." but instead I said "inspiring like me". but it gave me & my family a good laugh.

did i snap my fingers too often?

when I said "going to bed early" I meant on time.

ihope that covers everything! I had so much fun doing this! :)


abbie /// xoxox


  1. I've always wanted to do a vlog but I never had the confidence to do so.. I envy you :))


  2. *laughs* "but...most of my brothers can't read." yeah, so the sign may not help then;)

    OOH can't wait to see the hobbit!! i was actually in the EXACT place in New Zealand when they were filming it in the tiny town while we were on holiday -- i can't believe we didn't end up stopping there!!!!!!!

    I LOVE SAM. *snorts* i love how you say he's inspiring like you! pippin is just awesome:D:D ooh interesting real name he has there.

    i love painting my nails. except when i get told at school to get rid of the lovely colours. so depressing, *sigh*

    SNOW? see over here in winter, it's freezing cold but no snow. but i do love the rain so i can't complain.

    haha i love that i can read this the same time i'm listening! so this is probably pretty long.

    ooh, i never knew that 'joy like a fountain' was a song. :)
    haha just to say american accents are pretty cool. :P

    *scrolling down to blog pod* okay i'm going to listen now. :D:D

  3. That was really nice! Oh and I like your accent too haha! I liked hearing the 10 things about you and you should definitely do another vlog. I've never done one either. I might do one using the same format. I'll link to your blog! Thanks :)x

    P.S. I like the number 9 too haha!

  4. That was fun to watch! Great vlog! :)

    eve @ essence of eve


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