February 21, 2012

my life as of now

a(   I'm sick. Yup, that's right. Five days before my birthday too. Yet it's not the first time I've gotten sick or been sick during my birthday. I just hope I get better before friday.

b(   Lemon oolong tea. It helps me some. My throat is horse and my head slightly aches. I've had two cups of tea today and I don't expect the second one to be the last.

c(    Some Lord of the Rings to cheer me up. (For the record, I love loving Lord of the Rings.) Every time I've looked at this pin today (several times) I've smiled.

Source: weheartit.com via Abbie on Pinterest

I love you, Peregrin. (You too, Samwise. I wouldn't forget you.)

And, by the way, on account of it being my birthday week we're going to watch the Lord of the Rings movies again. I cannot wait to see them again, since now after reading the books twice I'll probably get it a whole lot more.

d(    Crafting. I've been doing alot of it the past two days to get ready for my party. Think frames, quotes, and lots of silver glitter.

e(     Songs from Tangled. And at last I see the light..... when will my life begin?.... flower, gleam and glow... (my brothers get mad at me whenever I sing that last song.)

f(     want...to..sleep...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

how has your life been lately?

abbie /// xoxox

p.s. sorry for the ridiculous amount of pictures in the last post. after waiting nearly an hour for those photos to upload to Blogger, I thought, "why didn't I divide this into a few posts?" it was good day, though, deserving of 44 pictures on my blog.


  1. a) I'm so sorry that you're sick. I am too, actually so I feel your pain. Only my birthday isn't coming up anytime soon. So I hope your better by then.
    b) Tea is awesome. That's one thing England taught me.
    c) That picture made me laugh. It never gets old.
    Also, Tangled is amazing. And I thought the last post was awesome anyway, sometimes it's nice to have a really long post to read.

    -Hannah :)

  2. I love your blog so much! I found you from Jocee, when you commented mentioning how excited you were for the Hobbit. I was on your blog three seconds later. ;) Pippin has got to be like the best person ever. And I'm super flattered by the fact that people tell me I'm like him.

    Anywho, just thought I'd say hello! (pronounced Tigger-style) and I'm sorry you're sick! Get better soon! I'm now off to read some more of your posts. ;)

  3. Being sick is so not fun. Currently, everyone in my family is sick... except me. I get to cook. ;P

    eve @ essence of eve

  4. Oh my gosh Pippin's awesome!

    Whenever I read the books and Pippin says something, I'm amazed at how much I'm like him. :)

    I smile whenever I look at that picture. :)

    1. My thoughts exactly on him. He's absolutely amazing! As for me, I think I'm a little more like Samwise. :)

      Abbie /// XOXOX

  5. Anonymous25.2.12

    From one Lord of the Rings fan to another, that is possible one of my favorite scenes in the entire movie! Pippin and Merry FTW!


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