February 16, 2012

on blogging {my resolution}

A little off-topic, but the weather has been amazing for the past three days, with the temperature around 2 Celcius (or around 35 Farenheit for you Americans), and it's been snowing tons. If the weather would stay warm like this, I'd be okay with the snow for a while more.

Lately, I've been thinking about blogging & reading other peoples' blogs. As for my blog, when I started it I never thought I'd have 165 followers. And yet, I'll admit, every time after I post, in the morning I log into my dashboard eagerly to see if I have any new comments or followers. And when I don't I sink back into my chair and scroll down to my feed. Even when I sat down to write this, I wondered, can I even write this honestly? I'm going to be telling people not to worry about comments or followers, yet that's exactly what I want. I think, that there's no denying it - this is something all we bloggers want. When we pour our hearts into writing a post and no one responds, it's pretty disappointing. We all want people to read what we wrote. We want to inspire.

Can you think of any bloggers who are really popular, what I like to call the 'big blogs'? We all have examples that pop instantly into our heads. And you read their posts, and they're really good. In fact, you love them. But you wonder why you don't get the kind of response that they do. I mean, you take pictures, too. You write truthfully, just like them. You feel all amature compared to them. And it's no fun. But you know what? They probably started (and are still writing) for the exact same reason as you. They probably didn't even mean for their blogs to get so popular. They didn't want to set themselves apart in any way. They're also people just like you.

What I really want is for blogging to be more of a community. I want every blogger to see themselves equally with one another. I want jealousies to disappear. I want people like me to be able to read what other people write and see their pictures and be able to comment genuinely: "I love these pictures! You're so amazing at writing/photography/whatever!" I want to be able to break away from the social ladder. So what is you only get 2-to-no comments per post? It shouldn't matter as much as it does. I don't want it to matter as much.

So I want to begin a resolution. And it is that I'm going to stop writing to get more. I'm going to start giving more. I want to read other peoples' blogs and leave a comment and know that I mean the truth. I want to able to say "wow, she's amazing" without feeling sorry for myself. I'm going to forget about numbers. And start thinking about words- the things I write, the things I say to others.

Do you want to join me? You can write a post on your blog alongside these words I just shared and leave a comment with the link here, and I'll add you manually to a list I'll start on this post. But this isn't really a blog party. This is my cry, my resolve, my journey. I'd be honoured to have you join me.

Abbie /// XOXOX

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