February 13, 2012

some thoughts on today

Each and every day is filled with so many different thoughts. I thought I'd share some thoughts on today here.

a( the light of the morning.

b( weather-man & ice-man (a.k.a. mathias and luukas). they helped me find my imaginary puzzle piece. they are rockstars.

c( amazing song lyrics. (switchfoot is so fabulous... their lyrics are always so meaningful & true.)

d( reading aloud. 

Today I read about 62 pages of Lord of the Rings out loud - to myself. (I have yet to find someone who will read it out loud with me.) It made me see the story in a whole new way. Just overall amazing. (Although, I have to admit, I suffered from a bit of a sore throat. And I felt a little dyslexic after reading "rumble of thunder" as "rundle of thumber".)

e( i love my camera.

f( sunsets.


And so closes another day for me. I am so tired, on account of going to bed at 1:00 AM the past few nights. (And, um, from pretending to be a Balrog while filming a re-enactment of the Mines of Moria with my older brother. That costume was ridiculously hot.) Goodnight, lovelies!

Abbie /// XOXOX


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