February 26, 2012


If you're wondering about the post title, I'm sure you've seen the 11-random-things, 11-answers, 11-questions tag. Well, I've been tagged by the amazing Eve! (for the record, I love her!)

11 random things....

1. I had a dream a few nights ago that I read The Hunger Games just because I was fed up with everyone obsessing over it. (I guess I wouldn't know since I haven't read it, but I just don't see how good it is. Oh well, I guess some people like Hunger Games, and I some people like Lord of the Rings.)

2. I love writing quotes on index cards & keeping them by my bed.

3. As I child I thought Dr. Seuss was the best author ever. Now my opinions have changed slightly - Dr. Seuss is still pretty amazing, but J. R. R. Tolkien is higher now. ;)

4. When I was little I read a french book called "I Am A Fish". And I cried when I finished it.

5. I lived in Quebec for 3 years of my life. I can't speak French anymore, though. But I had the best school ever.

6. My two-year old brother is sick too, now. I probably made him sick from giving him so many hugs & kisses while I was sick. Oops...

7. Why am I writing this right now? It's 12:31 AM. (UPDATE: I  stopped writing at around this point and wrote the rest on the next day two days later.

8. I got my glasses when I was 10. Pre-glasses, I thought I could see perfectly. But I was absolutely shocked at the difference they made. Since then, I've had to get a stronger prescription twice. Now my vision is really bad without glasses.

9. I've started 3 novels in my lifetime, and finished about one chapter or less of each.

10. I absolutely love party planning. I might make it a career someday.

11. One of my near-future goals is to sing & play On Fire by Switchfoot on piano in front of a crowd.

11 answers...

1. If you could meet with any fictional character ever, who would it be?

Samwise Gamgee, hands down.

2. If you were offered a vacation to Middle Earth (or another favourite fictional world/place) in exchange for carrying a whole bag full of all kinds of creepy crawlies, five miles on foot, would you do it? (sorry. I know I'm being mean here ;P)

Um... is this a question? YES, I WOULD! Seeing Middle Earth would be incredible!!

3. What's your favourite band and/or favourite musician?

Switchfoot & Josh Wilson.

4. If you could have anything, ANYTHING, what would it be? (only one thing. wishing for 1000 wishes isn't valid.)

A trip to Paris, or London, maybe. Or a sister.

5. Have you ever dreamed of meeting one or more of your internet friends? If so, who where they, and what did you do when you met (if you remember, of course)?

Yes! Once I dreamt that I met Abbey, and we went to visit the Duggars. Weird, I know. But that doesn't compare to my daydreams about meeting fellow bloggers. Megan, Hayley, Jocee, Emily, Gracie, Eve, to name a few.

6. What are the top five best books (or book series) you've ever read?

Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien (obviously)
Currently reading Replication: The Jason Experiment by Jill Williamson (a birthday present!) and loving it.
Motorcycles, Sushi & One Strange Book by Nancy Rue
The Tanglewoods' Secret by Patricia St. John (and Treasures in the Snow!)
Holly's Heart & Summerhill Secrets books by Beverly Lewis
Heidi by Johanna Spyri (I absolutely love this book.)

7. Can you do a standing bridge?

Well, no.

8. What's your favourite quote (or one of your favourites)?

What?? That's like asking me to choose between family members. I love any quotes by C.S. Lewis. One I love by him is "You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body."

9. How often do you listen to music (i.e. every day, every week, several times a month, etc.)?

Every. Single. Day. Music is the best!

10. What's your favourite song?

Oh, that's even worse than the quote one!  I love Always, Red Eyes, Yet, Restless, & Where I Belong by Switchfoot (well, okay, pretty much anything by them.) But right now I'm also loving By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North & (most) of the album See You by Josh Wilson.

11. The weirdest, most embarrassing thing you remember doing/thinking/believing as a little kid:

For some reason I thought that when God would make a new heaven and a new earth that everyone would get switched around. Like I would be my BFF and she would be me. Totally wrong, I realized, but hey, I was 5 years old.

12. Quick! What's the first thing that pops into your head when you think of the colour blue?

Blueberries and a dog.

11 questions...

1. What's your favorite battle scene in Lord of the Rings? (If you don't know the story you can skip this one. My favorite is the Battle of Pelennor Fields. Though we watched Helm's Deep last night and it was pretty fabulous.)
2. What's the most recent book you read?
3. Have you ever been sick on your birthday? (Haha, I know, lame question. I sure am. *coughcoughsneezesniff*)
4. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
5. What's the farthest you've ever been from your home?
6. What, in your opinion, is the most disgusting insect?
7. Do you paint your nails? If so, what's your favorite color to paint them?
8. What was the best birthday/christmas gift you ever got?
9. Did you collect things as a child? (I did....)
10. What's the most recent thing that someone in your family did to make you laugh?
11. One blogger (or celebrity, I suppose) you would like to meet?

Sorry my questions are so lame. That's what sickness does to you. I can't think of anyone to tag in specific, so I tag you if you've ever been sick on your birthday. Or if you just wanna do it you can. Just comment with a link for me. :)

Abbie /// XOXOX

P.S. Yes, it is my birthday! A post to come later :)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you're having a lovely day! :)
    Samwise Gamgee. I thought you might want to meet him! ;P
    I'm a lover of C.S. Lewis quotes too... and Charles H. Spurgeon quotes... and J.R.R. Tolkien quotes... the list goes ever on...
    Party planning? That's the BEST THING EVER (sometimes I think it's more fun than the actual party ;P)!
    I did dream about meeting you once. Like... I think it was last week. I can't remember what we did though. Maybe we went lake swimming. Lol! :D
    I just noticed I wrote down 12 questions instead of 11. Oh, well...

    eve @ essence of eve

  2. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday dear Abbie,
    Happy birthday to you. :)
    Not sure if Canadians sing happy birthday but hey, now I know a Canadian who can tell me. :)
    That's a funny dream. I actually did read the Hunger games and it was way better than I expected. But I'm not even close to obsession.
    I think I've only ever read LotR on your favorite book list so I may need to check some of those others out. I needed to get new ideas anyway.
    I'm glad I'm not the only person who would carry bags of bugs just to get to Middle Earth. Or the only one who starts writing a bunch of books but never finishes.
    Hope you had a lovely day!


    1. Hannah, I've never heard of anyone who doesn't sing "Happy Birthday" in Canada! We sure do sing it :) Thanks for the birthday wish!

      Abbie /// XOXOX

  3. happy birthday abbie!!
    my eye sight is terrible. it just gets worse and worse. here's to hoping i'm not blind by the time i'm fifty!:P
    oh, the hunger games are the BEST! number one is my favourite. you.have.to.readit.it. :D
    cs lewis quotes are the best.you lived in FRANCE? or did they just speak france is some other place? yeah, i guess my geography isn't so good.:P
    music is the best and i don't kniw what i'd do if i had to spend a day without it. if i lost my voice AND my iPod AND my guitar or anything else all at the same time.. i don't know how much longer i'd be able to live.;)

    1. Haha, nope, Quebec is a province in Canada and the only one in which French is the official language. Thanks for the birthday wish!

      Abbie /// XOXOX

  4. Happy Birthday, luv! 'Member me? The other Abby? *cough* With a 'y'?
    Hope you had a lovely Birthday!
    I recently watched Return of The King too! Extended version, though.
    Those are the only versions my weird family watches for some reason..
    Eowyn is and has always been my favorite charactor :)


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