February 21, 2012

a truly amazing day

Sunday was one of the most beautiful winter days I've ever witnessed. It's days like these when I am so thankful for Canadian winters. I took 1,067 pictures (and my dad was amazed at that number.) So I have graciously chosen 44 of my favorites. Enjoy.

mini-photoshoot with these beautiful girls.

remember this kid? and this post? well, it was his birthday and that's his house. perfect for picture-taking.

they have horses. 

and alpacas. 

love the bokeh on this one! 

and sheep too. 

a little piece of our winters. beautiful, no? 

my Efraim. and his big red balloon. 

me: mind if I open your cupboards to I can take pictures of your mugs? 

sorry. I can't post without mentioning LOTR. :) 

shadow pictures. 

i didn't actually end up tasting this pizza, but the picture was too amazing not to share. 

Simon's amazing birthday cake. 

the birthday boy! 

this picture is just priceless. 

yes. it was heavenly.

they have orange fluffy cats. 

And I discovered the meaning of "golden hour". It was incredible. I wish we had been driving slower because the vast majority of pictures I took were blurred.

behold - brother at golden hour. 

example of half the pictures i took - all blurred because I was in the back of a van going 100 kilometers per hour. 

It was one the most gorgeous winter days I've ever experienced. And when I got home, I made some tea, and I sat down with a smile. And later on I finished the LOTR series for the second time in 33 days. It was awesome.

abbie /// xoxox


  1. That looks like an amazing day- and it contained three of my favorite things; winter, strawberries, and LotR. :) Also, your pictures are awesome. I love the snow ones so much. And I'm still in awe of you- twice in 33 days!!! That's basically awesome. :)


  2. Thanks Abbie for documenting that wonderful day. You are very amazing with that camera and now we have some of the best pictures of Simon to date.
    See you again soon I'm sure

    Gretchen, Mark, Simon and Mitchell.

    PS, very nice blog...we really like the picture slideshow.

  3. Wow nice blog i like the cool place


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